Roo is a sweet, friendly Lab Mix.

She’s a mature 9 year old gal that’s on the mellow side unless there are lizards to chase. Roo weighs approx. 65 pounds. She is house trained, knows how to use a doggy door, and though she does great with other dogs when at events and out of the house, at home she loves the luxury of being the only dog in the home. In addition to hunting lizards Roos loves doggy chews, soft toys , lounging on the couch, walks and sleeping with her parent.

Roo has an occasional skin inflammation which can cause small spots of hair loss. We use a special shampoo (Pet smart $15 dollars a bottle) on Roo and her coat shines and keeps the hair loss at bay. She also is on missing link for occasional aches and pains . ($17.99) which is a supplement.

Roo is an excellent companion dog and very loving. She would do great in home that can provide snuggles and light walking and lots of love.