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Frieda is an Australian Shepherd Mix, 8 years and about 50 pounds. Hi I’m Frieda! I love short hikes, walks around the neighborhood, car rides, and just spending time with my person. I’m also a very good girl if left on my own. My current human says I don’t need to be in a crate, because all I do is chill out and sleep when she’s not home. My human says I also won some sort of award, since I’m one of the fosters who has never had an accident in the house! I’m a smart girl who already knows sit, down and wait – I’m ready to learn whatever else it is you’d like to teach me! I would also love to be your only pet – I’m not sure I could share my humans with another furry being right now – the shelter was very stressful for me, and I’m still learning to relax and enjoy all the love I’m getting. I am also no big fan of little critters in the yard – if you have me around, I guarantee you will never have a problem with pack rats again 🙂 Little humans might be a bit too much for me, but older small humans are fine. If you’re looking for an easy going companion who is happy spending time around the house or having adventures, I’m you’re girl!

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Kanga is a loving, attentive, 45-50 lb. Pharaoh Hound mix…or maybe she’s a Malinois mix…we really don’t know. She’s around 7 years old and her personality is a bit on the nervous side in that it takes her time to decide who to trust, and unexpected things like loud noises really startle and scare her. She definitely warms to women much faster then men, but once she trusts you, you have a wonderful friend that just wants to be with and please you. She does have a playful side when she is comfortable. Kanga’s house trained, pretty much ignores cats, is reported to love horses, and has lived with and would do better with older, calmer kids. She currently lives with six other dogs and does well with most of them, but she really wants to be the “female dog boss”, so a home with males and/or mellow female dogs would probably work best. Kanga is athletic and interested in her surroundings (for instance what’s going on on the other side of the wall/fence), so a very secure yard with at least a 6′ wall or fence is a must.

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Tucson Cold Wet Noses is a 501c3 non-profit dog rescue and adoption organization. We were founded by a group of local dog lovers whose goal is to rescue dogs from the local shelters (PACC, MCACC and PCACC) and find them their perfect homes through successful adoptions.

Our ultimate goal is to have successful adoptions, a perfect match between the dog and their new owner.

Tucson Cold Wet Noses is not a breed-specific rescue, but we do get our share of Chihuahuas, Pit Bulls, Jack Russells, Miniature Pinschers, Chow Chows, Labradors and all of their mixes. Tucson, as well as all of Pima County, has many Pit Bull/Pit Bull mixes, many of whom find themselves at the local shelters for adoption. The bulk of the dogs we rescue and later adopt out are senior dogs because they have a tougher time finding adoptive homes.

We are sorry, but we have our hands full taking in dogs from shelters and there are always more waiting for rescue. We cannot take in dogs from the general public. We only have room in our foster care system for rescued pets.

Senior dogs need love too! Donations always welcome!

As many of you know,
Tucson Cold Wet Noses rescues the seniors, the dogs with medical needs and the hospice cases. We rely on generous donations throughout the year to keep our medical fund going. We commit to caring for these dogs to the best of our ability, no matter what.
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