Angels That Have Earned Their Wings

This is the page dedicated to all those who have graduated across the bridge in our care.







Elsie was one of our most “favorite” fosters. She came in overweight and barely able to take walks. We rescued her from PACC approx in December, 2009. Our Foster Mom Michele took great care and much Love with Elsie. She started to take her on long walks with her & her dog and fed Elsie the best of the best food. Eventually Elsie lost over 18 pounds (we called her muffin butt). That Elsie sure loved her walks and she made so many new friends on her walks too, she was quite the popular gal! She was so happy with her foster mom. Michele had Elsie for at least 4 months and Elsie had the greatest 4 months of her life! Elsie was a total joy. She was not my foster but I would see her at our events and Elsie was always sitting next to her foster mom, she was a totally devoted well mannered dog, one of the best of the best.

Elsie became sick about the end of May, 2010. Sadly with the best of vet care and even though she appeared on an upswing she died soon after. We are truly heartbroken. We have rescued many a dog (over 1000) but Elsie was a very special lady. We will miss her with all of our hearts. . We will always love you Elsie. May you have wonderful walks on Rainbow Bridge.

Love your family from all of us @ Tucson Cold Wet Noses.